TANU Productions was born around 2015. The longing to produce independent audiovisuals with a genre perspective led us to join forces and start creating content.We’re looking for new projects in which to leave our mark as co-producers. We also offer our services to anyone who needs it, to insert themselves in the audiovisual world. TANU wants to accompany debut  filmmakers in their journeys through new borders. Our mission is to share cinema, by establishing long-lasting relationships with filmmakers and producers, both national and international, so as to continue to grow in this field we’re so passionate about.


Paranormal Justice  (Feature Film)
Paranormal Justice (Feature Film)

Paranormal Justice is a supernatural procedural comedy. Set in a small port town in the south of Chiel, it unravels a mystery hidden behind a decadent facade, where crime and marginality cross over with the mystic world. Inspired by ghost tales like “Ju On” and “The Wailing”, where crime becomes the catalist of the paranormal, the film…