#4 LEONOR (2020) + FINDE (2021)

 Starting the week of #nacionalcinema we talk about Leonor and Finde, two films directed by Nano Garay Santaló and written by Malena Pichot and Julián Lucero that were self-managed and independently gestated in the candor of pandemic times

During September of this year, they were exhibited jointly by #futurock and from this THURSDAY 7/10 you can see Finde in face-to-face function 

LEONOR (2020) 率 ‍♀️❣️ 

Eleonore von Schwarzenberg is a European vampire princess sent to live in a seedy apartment in Buenos Aires. 

 FINDE (2021) ️ 

A couple, stressed by the confinement of their apartment and the pandemic, decide to spend a weekend in the countryside. The owners of the villa they rent offer to stay and serve them as in a hotel, but their offer hides other intentions