TANU participates in the Macabro FICH XX Edition !

Like every year, TANU Distribution joins this Latin American and world celebration, but this time with a plus: The Macabro Fest celebrates 20 years of life!

The International Horror Film Festival of Mexico City, which was born back in 2002 to exhibit and share independent horror films, today has consolidated itself as one of the most important regionally and internationally, being a meeting point and reference for thousands of moviegoers worldwide.

Over the years, the Macabro has screened traditional cult cinema, as well as low-budget, experimental, documentaries and all kinds of audiovisual manifestations, focused on the broadcasting of Latin American projects.

Supporting independent projects to consolidate and disseminate the work of women filmmakers are two important areas of this creative space. The so-called MACABRO LAB , with the support of the Society of Directors; specialists, producers and private companies, promotes the creation of horror films in Mexico through a bank of online scripts, courses, production workshops, realization, and all related training so that, through a contest, it is put to at the disposal of those award-winning filmmakers, the opportunity to connect with producers and companies that can make the big step of taking their script into a film a reality.

Within this creative laboratory, the directors and CEOS of TANU Distribución, Rocío Rocha and Tatiana Lechner Quiroga, participate as jury of said competition and in the advice and curation of projects in development: the previous edition 2020, featured Réquiem by Melvin de Jesús Jiménez and Luces en el cielo by Cath Cuevas, as the winner, the first for Promo trailer of FIX Communication, script and pitching advice and film crew for two days of CTT EXP & amp; Rentals and the second participant in the fantasy market 2021 and advice on script and pitching.

Another of the integral parts of the FICH is the MACABRO COVEN , a new sisterhood and vital space, recently created with the aim to give visibility to the work of women directors, producers, scriptwriters, actresses, technicians, promoters, managers, writers and creatives who develop their work around horror films. Among the first activities of this festival extension program, a First Call for Horror Short Film Co-production directed by women was opened, which received different projects and closed at the end of June of this year, with the winner being the short film La última cena by Mitzi Martinez, a project with which TANU works for its distribution in festivals in Argentina, in addition to having the collaboration of other groups in terms of design, resources, filming, etc.

The Macabro Fest XX Edition will take place from August 19 to 29, via online, streaming and room; this year the theme is vampires! and they present it with a Spot inspired by the traditional horror film The Lost Boys (1987).

In addition to the annual participation and collaboration of the TANU team in the instances of LAB and COVEN, we are also happy to announce the Official Selection for some of the films that are part of our distribution / production catalog:

💀Short film in Mexico Competition: La última cena (2021) by Mitzi Martinez

💀International Short Film Competition: Dystopia (2021) by Laura Ugolini

💀Ibero-American Competition: LENI (2020) by Federico Gianotti & INTRA (2021) by Pablo Rabe and Gabriel Drah

So come on, August has just begun, but the Latinx party has a long time to come!.

Soon we will be sharing more news of the Fest and all the data about the programming and the ON SITE and ONLINE functions, so that you do not miss anything.

Grateful to this space, the work team, the sisterhood and the affection of an immense group of people united to enable all voices, stories and projects to have a place on the screen.