TANU presents Maggie Brennan’s “Our Bed is Green” for distribution in Latin America

We are happy to announce the distribution on this side of the continent for Our Bed is Green (2021) the North American animated short, written and directed by animator, cartoonist and musician Maggie Brennan.

A futuristic world of lo-fi-vaporwave-anime aesthetics presents us with the story of Cecily, a digital flaneur in an immense megapolis full of noise and confusion. Escaping from her reality, she seeks comfort in the facilities of Realm, a virtual-human simulator, as the only way to connect with her true desire: Abby.

The conflict over what we want, what is socially imposed and what we actually are is painted minute after minute with neon lights, polyphonic music and the green of a liberating nature that has the power to sneak through cement and break routine: between science fiction and fantasy, Our Bed is Green creates a world where words are unnecessary and the unsaid is the essence of everything.

A harmonious and chill short film that invites us to reflect on human relationships, love, the new ways of bonding and the limits between technology and our own existence.

Soon we will be sharing more information about this wonderful visual experience so that you can learn more about this story and its creator.

Always betting on independent cinema and new voices.

The TANU coven.