TANU presents “Dystopia” by Laura Ugolini for distribution in Latin America

 We are more than happy to announce the distribution in Latin America of Dystopia (2021), the Norwegian short film directed by the writer and filmmaker Laura Ugolini and produced by Cathrine Wespestad of Perdurabo Productions. Between horror and sarcastic humor, Dystopia is a manifesto about the harmful ideals of beauty imposed by society.

 Set in an imaginary pop-glam world of dolls, the story, from the perspective of little influencer Linnea, features four women with a “bloodlust”. Meat and plastic intermingle, when the Frankestian impulse transforms both their bodies and those of others into a scene of dispute and transgression.

 Showing the problem of beauty standards and how they affect us is the premise of the short, creating a space for reflection that exalts the viewer but at the same time allows them to deeply empathize: the crude truth of how the female body is represented and the utopia built around it.

 Dystopia invites us to revisit, rethink figures, stereotypes, and social mandates; both those that involved the same creators, who grew up in the 90s, and what the exposure, pressure and anxiety imposed by social networks implies for Gen-Z. 

 In the midst of the challenge of filming in times of Covid-19, as well as how to interact with festivals and film circles from a distance, Dystopia is undoubtedly a fresh proposal that comes to deconstruct standards, glitter and blood in between! . 

 We invite you to be attentive to the news and exclusive content that we will share, in addition to following Dystopia at social networks so you don't miss out on anything.
 Soon we will tell you more about this great project that we have the honor to distribute throughout Latin America. 

 The coven of Tanu.