We invite you to read the newest review for “Grimorio”

 Today a review of the Argentinean production Grimorio (2019) by Octavio Revol Molina was published by Ayi Turzi, multifaceted writer, cinephile and expert in national independent horror and fantastic cinema.

 In her web page  you can find both the full review, recent news about Argentine and Latin American cinema, and all the data to follow closely her work on all platforms. 

 The story of Lucas, an unmotivated journalist in search of stories, transports us to a hidden, millenary and magical Córdoba (Argentinean province). It is a photograph and a trace of a piece of information that lead our protagonist to undertake a journey to the village of Quilino. 

 What will the road bring? We don't give you any more clues, so you can find out in Ayi's review. 

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