TANU-MERCH our first customization

Creating content and branded objects is usual to identify the work of an enterprise, making its face visible to the eyes of the world. TANU, our young project, has been in the making for a few years in the light of love for what we do, CINEMA!
Soon we will be celebrating our birthday and we feel we need to create an object that identifies and connects us, more than anything in these uncertain global circumstances, which lead us to be working from different places, many times far from each other. That is why we think: What better than to make fabric masks, to take care of ourselves, while we materialize what the Tanusin essence represents?

The challenge was to find in this idea the most sustainable way possible, to create something with value that conforms to our respectful vision for the environment, the answer: artisan, cooperative and sisterhood work!

These fabric masks were made and hand embroidered by entrepreneurs from our city, La Plata: Laura of Hilaza Experiencia Textil and Juana of Ruda.

We are happy to share the result with you! Local and ecofeminist work as a presentation flag.

Thank you for sharing this little story with us.