LENI and La Zona Elegida nominated! Fantlatam awards 2021

This Sunday, May 30 at 9:00 PM (Brazil and Argentina time) will be broadcast live and for the world the awards FANTLATAM . Through the Cultura Em Casa page you can witness this event online where a Latin American jury will award prizes to the categories: BEST FEATURE FILM , BEST SHORT FILM, BEST ACTRESS, BEST ACTOR, BEST SCRIPT AND BEST DIRECTION .

The Latin American Alliance of Fantastic Film Festivals , seeks to share projects and cultural expressions from all regions of our America, extending a collaborative vision that allows expanding the circles of regional cinema.

Why is it important that you join the broadcast? Among the nominees for the BEST FEATURE FILM category are LENI (2020) by Federico Gianotti and La Zona Elegida (2019) by Ariel Conti, two films that proudly make up the TANU Distribución catalog, and also because you can get to know a lot of other Latinx audiovisual projects!

We also send our congratulations to Carroña (2019) by Luciana Garraza and Eric Fleitas, nominated for the same category, a project that we have closely watched grow and expand.

So now you know, don’t hang up and schedule!

Let’s close the month connected and celebrating Latin American cinema!