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Line Up 2022

The Things Where They no Longer Were

By Fabio Vallarelli | 73′ Argentina Two thirty-somethings who have been a couple in adolescence meet again after many years. Through a series of fortuitous events, they end up spending the night together, touring the city and trying to reflect on who they were and who they are today.

Art Street GRLS

By Rocío Lombardo| 15′ Argentina Rap, dance, graffiti and beatmaking take place on the streets of La Plata. Most know as part of the men’s world, we follow Afronella, Roci, Derby, Lula and Ni graa, to discover the growing number of female graffiti artists who are making a strong impact on Hip-Hop culture


By Florencia Silva| 09′ 30″ Argentina Muriel has to rehearse a play that is about to premiere and she is very stressed, which leads to not distinguishing between the reality of her life, the play and the imaginary.

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By Octavio Revol Molina. 2019 | ‘100 Argentina In the City of Córdoba-Argentina, LA BUTACA journalist Lucas Bika, finds a mysterious photograph in an old library. Under the guidance of the librarian, Lucas decides to travel to the desolate and unknown village of Quilino to investigate. Lucas will find that this place is known as the national…

Diary of the virus

By Damián Erviti. 2021 | ‘6 Diary of the virus is the record of my days while I go through the period of isolation and I follow the case of Facundo Castro in the media. Through the mix of different materials, mainly internet videos, voice recordings, text messages, graphic headlines and television I take notes in an…

Shooting Star

By Sarna. Mini Serie, 2020. Shooting Star is the name of a space mission with a crew that took off a decade ago and is finally coming back to its planet. It’s just that Earth is not what it used to be: a pandemic has left the world locked up in a never- ending quarantine that has…

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We participate in the “Gènere al gènere” of TerrorMolins.

During yesterday, the directors and CEOs of Tanu Distribución Rocío Rocha and Tatiana Lechner Quiroga participated virtually in the round table of the Gènere al gènere, a space of the festival Terror Molins with professionals from the cinematographic medium, to talk about the situation of equity that is currently being experienced in genre and specifically horror films.…

Join the programming of the Macabro FICH XX

From August 19 to 29, the 20th anniversary of the Macabro Fest is celebrated, which this year hybridizes virtual and physical functions. As we told you in the previous article, the theme of this occasion is vampires! and they presented it with a spot inspired by the cult film The Lost Boys (1987), but the root of…

TANU participates in the Macabro FICH XX Edition !

Like every year, TANU Distribution joins this Latin American and world celebration, but this time with a plus: The Macabro Fest celebrates 20 years of life! The International Horror Film Festival of Mexico City, which was born back in 2002 to exhibit and share independent horror films, today has consolidated itself as one of the most important…

“La Zona Elegida” will be screened online in the Contagiate de Cine cycle

Hello! We bring good news, if you are a fan of national cinema or want to take advantage of these holidays to see something different on screen and learn more about independent productions, join us reading because we will tell you how to enter that world for free! Contagiate de cine is a special and interactive proposal…

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